Ultimately Natural Natural & Organic Vanilla Vegan Protein 500g

Ultimately Natural Natural & Organic Vanilla Vegan Protein 500g

Brand: Ultimately Natural
Size 500g
Product Code: UNNORPRO500
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Organic Vanilla  with Agave Inulin Fibre
✓ Recovery    ✓ Snack replacement   ✓ Digestive Health
This premium, super smoothie inspired, wholefood protein blend is loaded with quality plant proteins, naturally occurring fibre and nutrients. We only use natural, delicious and organic extracts to ensure your body is nourished with nature’s best tasting and nutritious ingredients. Just shake & take.
80 % Plant Protein Fusion - Pea, Rice & Hemp- This blend combines natures best plant proteins naturally high in amino acids, essential fatty acids and other highly active vitamins and nutrients. Great for recovery and overall health and well being.
Organic Agave Inulin – This sweet, fibrous part of the agave plant is very high in fibre and has prebiotic advantages that assist with digestion and promotes good intestinal health
Organic Vanilla Bean: Sweet tasting spice bursting with vitamins and minerals essential to optimal health
Organic Stevia - All natural plant extract used for centuries as a natural sweetener


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