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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

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Refund/return policy information

If youre delivery contains any product is faulty, not as described or does not match your order we accept returns to our receiving address in your country. We do not accept returns for change of mind in all cases, but may at our sole discretion in cetain circumstance. We want every customer to be 100% happy with thier purchase from Taiyo Health. If you have any conscerns please contact our us at support@taiyohealth.com.

Use of This Site

This website is made available to you on your compute and may be accesses from mobiledevices. We strive to ensure compatibility with most browser but can not guarantee full compatibility with every possible client deveice. If you find any technical issues please notify us by email at systems@taiyohealth.com and we will try to update or website to support your device. 

Customs and Domestic Taxes

Your country may have laws applying tarrifs, customs duty and or taxes to products ordred from Taiyo Health. Where possible Taiyo Health will streamlime the process of meeting these enforces obligations. This is not always possible and ultimately you are responsible to determine your compliance with the laws that are enacted in your location. For our part Taiyo Health complies with international treaty obligations to clearly identify the contents of all packages and thier commercial value. If you have specific requirest or requirments to assist with meeting the laws of your juristiction please email us at systems@taiyohealth.com to discuss your requiremets BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. Taiyo Health will not be held liable for delays caused by any government regulation in your specific juristiction.

Delivery times

We accept orders 24 hours / day -  7 days a week. However, our distribution facility operates out of Melbourne from 7am to 9pm Mon - Fraiday and 10am - 3pm Saturday & Sunday. Customer email will be answered within 3 hours during these times. Sometimes we will respond to emails outside these hours, so please contact us by email any time. Delivery time will vary from country to country. Depending on where you live, you may have the choice to pay an additional fee for express delivery (Metropolitain Areas of participating coutries). If you would like to know typical delivery times for your country - please see this delivery schedule. 

Not Medical Advice

Products provided are of a high standard and many products may provide therapudic and beneficial health effects. However, the product description, categories and information on this site is not to be misconstrued as mediacal advice. Further, most information is provided by manufactureres own material and is not, and has not been indepently verified by Taiyo Health (Aust) Pty Ltd or our agents. We rely on the validity and accuracy of that material. Consequently, we treat any discovery of false information or deliberate misrepresentation by manufacturers as a serious breach of trust and reserve absoluteley the right to remove any product or range of products from this site, without notice, if we discover material error in the information provided. This site is provided as a self-service store. You are responsible to ensure any product you put into your body is appropriate to you. This includes your aknowlegement that you will undertake research the appropriateness for use of any product avaiable on this site BEFORE YOUR PURCHASRE. This research may include, but not be limited to: Consulting with your doctor/physician, contacting the manufacturer of the product and or researching the use of and contraindications of the consituent parts of any product on this store. IMPORTANT ADVICE: Do not change or mix pharaceutical and therputic regiments without cosulting your doctor.


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